Download Google Pay for Windows Phone | Download Google Pay App for Windows Phone: Now paying and receiving money is made simple with the digital payments applications. No need to carry cash on hand rather your smartphone does every transaction. They are emerging in number to encourage people to use digital methods of transferring cash. The tech giant, Google has introduced an all-new payment application called Google Pay. With Google Pay App, payments are made faster and secure. It is currently made available for the Android and iOS platforms. And is likely to be introduced for the Windows Phone. As of now, you can take advantage of the Apk version of the Google Pay Digital Payment App to use it on your Windows Phone. Transfer money, pay your bills directly from your bank account with the Google Pay Payment App. Right from this article, you will be getting all the detailed information about Google Pay, its features, link to download Google Pay App for Windows Phone.

Tez for Windows Phone
Google Pay/ Tez for Windows Phone

Google Pay works similar to other payments apps but has lots of improved distinct features when compared with other apps. With Google Pay, you are digitally safe while paying or receiving the money. Being a cross-platform application, the official launch of the Google Pay for Windows Phone will include all the features like Google Pay Apk for Android and Google Pay for iOS. With this digital payments app, anyone can make payments either small or big quickly and safely. Now paying for other Google Pay users who are nearby is made so simple with the Google Pay Cash Mode option. It is so as unlike other apps, Google Pay doesn’t require you to share your personal details. The app is specially made for India and works inside the country. One another important thing about Google Pay in Windows Phone is that it is not a wallet application, meaning you need not transfer money to the Google Pay app and thereby pay your bills. Every transaction both paying or receiving will be made directly from your bank account.

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Google Pay for Windows Phone [Tez]

Google Pay digital payments app is developed by Google Inc. The app has made its debut in India and is Google’s India-first digital payments app. Google Pay works with the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) that is developed by the National Payments Corporation of India. Google Pay for Windows Phone works on your existing bank account and thus you need not open a new one. It has also partnered with four major banks such as Axis, HDFC Bank, ICICI, and State Bank of India. Further, Google Pay App supports all the 50 plus UPI banks. All your transactions through Google Tez is made from your bank directly. i.e., you don’t require to transfer money to Google Pay digital payment app. You have to download Google Pay for Windows Phone and provide the necessary details to use the app. It includes your mobile number, google account details, and your bank account details. For every transaction, the payments app uses the UPI PIN. The pin number can be created newly if the user has not been using any other UPI bank apps. Otherwise, the same pin number can be used for Google Pay transactions too.

Tez for Windows Phone
Google Pay for Windows Phone

Google Pay supports multiple regional languages of India and hence it is easy to make payments in your languages. The Google Pay Sheild ensures all your payments are secure on twenty-four-seven with multi-layer encryption. This feature will prevent you from hackers, fraudulence, and unauthorized users. Google Pay for Windows Phone will list other Google Pay users from your contact list and thus you need not search for other Google Pay users. The Cash Mode option of Google Pay payments app lets you share money with other Google Pay users nearby without needing their mobile number or username. The Audio QR codes inaudible to the human ears will make the transaction payee handset to the merchant handset securely and quickly. As mentioned, Google Pay is not a wallet application, hence you need not top-up your Google Pay account. Pay for anyone, share your bills and receive payments from across India with the Google Pay for Windows Phone. The app also provides special offers for each transaction and introducing this app to your friends.

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Google Pay for Windows Phone [Tez]

Till now, the official version of the Google Pay app is not released for Windows Phones. We will inform you once it was released for Windows Phones.

Features of Google Pay for Windows Phone [Tez App]

  • It is now easy and quick to pay for anyone, split and share the bills from the Google Pay for Windows Phone.
  • Google Tez for Windows Phone works with your existing bank that has the UPI support.
  • Pay anywhere at any time with the UPI ID or by choosing the name from your contact book.
  • You can even send money online to the recipient if he/she is using other UPI supported apps.
  • With Google Pay Shield, your money is safe on the bank. It protects each of your transaction 24/7.
  • You can access Google Pay app with the UPI PIN. The app is secured with a Google PIN or your existing screen lock.
  • Share money with other Google Pay users nearby without sharing your private details with the Cash Mode feature of Google Pay.
  • The Cash Mode works with the Audio QR codes that are inaudible to the human ear.
  • Google Pay for Windows Phone is not a wallet app and you need not top-up your account or reload the wallet.
  • You can make online payments for the apps and websites quickly with the Google Pay App in Windows Phone
  • With each eligible transaction, you can avail the special offers and become eligible to win up to ₹1,000.
  • Get the regional multi-language support with the Google Pay digital payments app.
  • Download Google Pay for Windows Phone as it is designed as an India only app that works with all major Indian banks.

Google Pay [Tez] is also available for

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