Download Tez for Windows PC: Technology has made everything a step ahead. With every move, development has taken place, and it is, of course, true in the case of applications developed for smartphones. The apps are developed for every other need of humans, and the most useful section is the digital payments app. The cashless transaction has been growing, and it made the development of digital payment apps like Tez. Pay from your bank directly with the Tez app installed rather than giving from your hands. The article deals ultimately with Google Tez for Windows PC, its features, and the steps to download Tez for Windows PC XP/7/8/8.1/10. As Tez is designed to be an Android app, it cannot be used on PCs directly. With an Android emulator, one can download Tez for Windows PC easily. Transact at your comfort level from your home with the Tez Digital Payments app for Windows PC.

Google Tez for Windows PC

Google’s brand new digital payments app, Tez is developed to meet all your needs. Make safer online transactions right from your doorstep with the Tez for Windows PC. It is currently designed to be an India only app where the users can send and receive money. The app is unique when compared with other payments app as it transfers money directly from your UPI-supported bank account. Share your bills, pay money for your home instantly and more with multiple layers of security on the PC version of the Tez app for android. No need to refill, reload, or top-up your payments app rather Tez makes every other payment right from your bank. Make cashless transaction as you can pay for all your needs, whether it is small or big at any time. You will get all the features like the Android and iOS versions with the Tez for Windows PC XP/7/8/8.1/10 right on your desktop.

Google Tez – A Glimpse At The Digital Payment App

Google has been the biggest app developer in the market. It has entered into the development of digital payments apps made specifically for India. Tez by Google is the new payments app that lets you share and pay bills, book tickets online, and more by paying money from your bank. The digital payment app, Tez is an India only app that is designed and maintained by Google Inc. The firm has developed the app to target Indian users. Tez operates with the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) which was developed by the National Payments Corporation of India. It is supported on all the major smartphone platforms, and one could use the digital payment app right on the PC versions too. More notably, the internet giant Tez will work with your existing bank account. So it is easy to send and receive money straight from your bank instantly.

The word Tez is a Hindi word meaning “fast.” As the name implies, the Tez app works at a more rapid rate in transferring money. It is not a wallet application that requires money in the app. Tez functions in a way that takes cash from your bank account whenever you are making any online transaction. You will be credited when someone pays you to your bank and not in the Tez app. So the app ensures you that you will be getting the interest for the amount that is available on your bank. Make sure you have a mobile number supported in India and a bank account supported by UPI. Tez is designed with a chat-like interface that shows your payments and transaction details in the message format. Access the Tez app in your preferred language as the application offers you multiple regional language support. Tez digital payment app ensures you are making a safer, secure transaction at a higher speed.

Google Tez for Windows PC

Google Tez is an India only digital payments app developed for India by Google. Paying and sharing money online is made easy and faster with the introduction of Tez. It is designed to be a cross-platform application, and now the app has done everything simpler where you can use your windows desktop or laptop while transacting. Money is made simple when you have an internet connection and Tez app on your smart device. Tap on the recipients to share and pay for them in no time. No more double works as other payment apps make you pay money from your bank to that app and then transfer it to your payment needs. Tez works quite simpler as it takes money from your UPI (Unified Payments Interface) enabled bank account only when you opt to pay. So your money is safe in your account. With the UPI ID, QR code, or number, you can make the transfer of the amount. Tez for Windows PC lets you pay bills, share the bills with your friends, book tickets for movies, and travel.

Google Tez for Windows PC

With the Tez Shield option of Tez for Windows PC, you are given assurance that all your transaction through the app is secured for 24/7. The app asks you to make encryption with an option to lock the app with the existing screen lock or asks whether to create a new Google PIN. It prevents unauthorized access to the Tez app. The Cash Mode features of the Tez make transferring between nearby Tez users quickly. It doesn’t even require your username or phone number. The app will never ask you for your personal details. With the inaudible Audio QR code, Tez opens the channel between the payee device to the merchant device. Choose the person to whom you want to pay money for your contact list. The UPI PIn is the password with which the Tez user can share money digitally. To enjoy using the Tez for Windows PC XP/7/8/8.1/10, one needs to have an Android emulator. Get into the article further to know how to download Tez for Windows PC.

Tez – A Unique Digital Payment App

Apart from the regular features, there are some new features available in the Google Tez that make it stand out from its rivals. It includes Tez Shield, Cash Mode, and Bank to Bank Transfer options. With the Tez Shield, you can make secure payments as it works twenty-four-seven in detecting fraud, preventing hacking, and verifying your identity. All your transactions are secured with your UPI PIN. The app itself is secured with a Google PIN or your screen lock. Tez provides all day, everyday help through phone and chat support. The Cash Mode option is especially for transferring to another Tez user who is nearby. This feature doesn’t prompt you to provide your personal information like mobile numbers or usernames. An inaudible Audio QR code that relies on sound transmitted frequency makes payments from the sender to the receiver. A channel gets opened at the time of transfer and waits until the device gets another compatible device in range. Enter the amount and transfer the money in no time. The bank-to-bank transfer option is another advantage with the Tez for Windows PC. Unlike other wallet applications, Tez will never make a transfer from bank to the Tez account and from there to your utility payments. Money is either send or received by your bank thus, making it a bank-to-bank transaction.

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Steps To Download Tez for Windows PC XP/7/8/8.1/10/11

Tez is a cross-platform application that can be accessed on the desktop version using an Android emulator. The interface of Tez using the emulator will be the same as that of the smartphone version. BlueStacks is the best of all the emulators that can run any Android apps like Tez on the desktop or laptop platform. The emulator acts as a bridge between the Windows PC and Android application software. To use the BlueStacks, you have to download it first. Then you can follow the steps given below to download Tez for Windows PC XP/7/8/8.1/10 using an Android emulator.

Step 1: The foremost requirement to access Tez on the Windows PC is to download the BlueStacks. Download it from the official website (

Step 2: Wait until the extraction of BlueStacks to get completed.

Step 3: The BlueStacks emulator will start up with a pop-up Welcome to BlueStacks. Click on the > symbol to proceed further.

Tez for Windows PC

Step 4: Now you have to log into your Google account. Sign in with your account to use the Google PlayStore right from the BlueStacks.

Tez for Windows PC

Step 5: Once after signing up using the Gmail account, you can find the Google Play Store by default on the BlueStacks. Now go to My Apps > System app > Google Play.

Tez for Windows PC

Step 6: Tap on the Play Store icon and the search bar type Google Tez app, and press enter.

Tez for Windows PC

Step 7: On the search result, you will find the list of Android apps along with the Tez. Click on the Tez app’s icon to download the app for the Windows PC using BlueStacks.

Tez for Windows PC

Step 8: You will now be redirected to the Play Store directly. Click on the Install button to start downloading the Tez app. Click on the Accept button to let Tez app access those details.

Tez for Windows PC

Step 9: Wait until the app gets downloaded and click on the Open button to start accessing the app.

Tez for Windows PC

Features of Google Tez for Windows PC

Made for India App: Google has come up with an idea to make the people of India go with the cashless transaction. Tez is the first of this kind of digital app launched for India by Google Inc. The development of the Tez app is targeted at the people of India.

Make Digital Payments: Tez for Windows PC works entirely as a digital payment application. Pay, share, and make payments with Tez instantly from your UPI supported bank account.

Bank to Bank Transfer: Unlike other wallet apps, Tez doesn’t make you transfer money from your account to the app first and later pay for your needs. It works on bank-to-bank transfers.

Make Payments When Only Needed: Pay your bills or transfer money when only needed with the Tez app. You will be continued to earn interest for the amount you have in your bank.

UPI Supported Bank: Tez digital payments app works with the bank that has the support of UPI. The app also works with your bank account, which you are using already.

Send/Receive Money Quickly: Download Tez for Windows PC, and it is now easy and quick to send and receive money at any time for anyone from anywhere.

Make Secured Transaction: Every payment done on the Tez app is secured to provide you with a safer transaction. You can make a secured transaction as UPI, your bank, and Google give you multiple layers of security. The added security made money simple.

Authorized Tez Access: With Tez for Windows, the app itself can be secured with either the screen lock password or the Google PIN. Thus, only the authorized users can use the Tez and thus the unauthorised users and accidental transactions are prevented.

Tez Shield: One another advantage of the Tez app is the Tez Shield feature. It works all day every day to prevent you from fraud and hacking. With this feature, any Tez user is safe while making any digital transaction.

Works on UPI PIN: As Tez is supported by the UPI, anyone needs the UPI PIN to access and pay money for the Tez app. If you are already using any UPI bank app, then that PIN is your Tez payments password. Else, you can generate a new UPI PIN.

Cash Mode: Now, transferring money to another Tez user nearby is easy and quick. Without needing to share any of your private details like your bank account or phone number, a Tez user can send or receive money to/from another Tez user.

Avail Rewards: With the Tez Scratch Cards (TM) in the Tez for Windows PC, you can be eligible to win up to ₹1,000 with each eligible transaction. Enroll in Tez’s Lucky Sundays contest to avail the possibility to win ₹1 lakh each week. Make payments up to ₹1,00,000 in one day. You can make 20 transactions in a day for making payments.

Several Bank Support: Tez app makes use of the UPI and works with all major banks of India. It is easy to pay or get paid. With more than 50 banks support, it has partnered with banks such as Axis, ICICI, HDFC Bank, and State Bank of India.

Language Support: Tez for Windows PC is made for India by Google and has support for several Indian languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, and Marathi.

Features Under Development

  • Tez for Windows PC is working to provide its user with an option to pay through debit and credit cards.
  • The user of Google’s digital payments app will let its user pay and set reminders for recurring bills.

Google Tez is also available for

Hope the information provided is useful to you in dealing with the Google Tez for Windows PC. For any queries, let us know from your comments.