Google Pay for Mac PC Free Download | Download Google Pay for Mac PC: Lots of applications are introduced in the app store every day and working on things made easy with those applications. Presently Android has the largest collection of apps when compared to all other platforms. One such application developed under the digital payments section is the Google Pay app. Being a smartphone supported application, Google Pay can also be used in Mac PCs. Google Pay digital payment app for Mac PC works and provides all the features as the Android version. With the comfort of being at home, you can pay for anyone, share your bills, and book tickets with a click on Google Pay. Right from this article, you will be getting all the details about the Google Pay Mac version and how to download Google Pay for Mac PC. Any Mac user need not feel neglected as Google Pay Download for Mac OS gives you all the way to use Google Pay.

Tez for Mac PC
Google Pay for Mac PC

Google Pay is a brand new digital payment app that is specially designed for Indian people. It is designed in a way to make them go cashless. Google has indulged itself in developing this Google Pay app along with the support of Unified Payments Interface (UPI). The tech giant has given a new trend in digital payments as with the development of Google Pay app. Need not carry cash anymore, just with few taps you are done with it. Google Pay is not like other payments app as it does every other transaction of yours from your bank directly. You don’t want to involve in any intermediate process like other apps. It is a cross-platform application designed for Android and iOS.

Google Pay for Mac PC [Tez]

Google, has introduced Google Pay, a new digital payment application It is one another app among the large collection of apps designed and developed by Google. The internet giant has introduced Google Pay targeting at the people of India. The app functions atop with the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) developed by the National Payments Corporation of India. Google Pay is the first of its kind by Google which is India only app, i.e., It works inside the country which when has the support for the users having an Indian mobile number, and UPI supported the bank. The user interface of the app is designed to be very simple. Thus the user can make use of the regional languages of India while using this digital transaction app. Google Pay is a Hindi word that gives the meaning “fast.” The app operates in the same way as that of its name, and hence all your transactions are processed at a much faster speed. Thus money made simple as with the introduction of the Google Pay app.

Tez for Mac PC
Google Pay/ Tez for Mac PC

With Google Pay for Mac PC, you can pay and receive money straight from your UPI supported the bank. Wallets apps available in the store make you transfer money from your bank account to the app account. But with Google Pay app, you no longer required to top-up your Google Pay account. Make and receive payments right from your bank without doing any extra works. There is an option called Cash Mode which lets one Google Pay user send and receive money to another Google Pay user who is nearby without sharing any private details. It includes your mobile number and username. The audio QR code inaudible to the human ears transfers money in no time. The option relies on sound transmitted frequency, and it identifies both the payer and payee. Any Google Pay user can make payments to any other person who had UPI supported make bank securely as the app is secured with 24/7 with the Google Pay Shield feature. You UPI Pin acts as a password while transferring the money. More than all, the app itself is secures with your Google PIn or Screen lock mode.

Google Pay for Mac PC – Features [Tez]

  • Google Pay is a digital payment app designed as an India only app that works inside the country with the bank operating with the UPI.
  • With the comfort of being at home, Google Tez for Macbook sends and receive payments to anyone from any place quickly and easily at any time.
  • All the money which the user send and receive via Google Pay will be credited or debited to your UPI supported bank account.
  • Google Pay digital payment app is not a wallet app, and hence all your transactions are done as a bank-to-bank transfer.
  • Make secured transactions at your comfort level of being at home with Google Pay app. With the UPI PIN as your password, you can send money to another person.
  • Share money with the person who has a valid UPI bank account. Use their UPI ID to send them the required money digitally.
  • Google Pay for Mac PC does authorize access to the app itself is secured either with the Google PIN or your existing screen lock mode.
  • The Cash Mode option of the digital payment app lets one Google Pay user send money another Google Pay user who is nearby quickly. It doesn’t ask for any private details including the username or phone number.
  • There is a wide range of support for the banks that operate with UPI with the Google Pay for Mac OS.
  • All your transactions are safe and secure 24/7 with the Google Pay Shield option of the Google Pay.
  • Google Pay app gives you rewards, and you can avail cash price with each eligible transactions.
  • There are a large number of language support available with the Google Tez app including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, English and more.

Google Pay for Mac PC – Installation Guide [Tez App]

Google Pay is designed to be a smartphone application that is made accessible on PCs, more precisely on the Mac PC. The digital payment app is an Android app that can be used on the Mac PC via an emulator or Android app player. The emulator acts as a bridge between the PC and Android app. Although there are lots of emulators available in the store, one could use the BlueStacks. The reason is that BlueStacks is the best of all other Android app players. You can follow the steps below to use the Google Pay app via BlueStacks on your Mac OS.

Step 1: To use the Google Pay app on the Mac PC, one must have BlueStacks. So it is mandatory to download the BlueStacks, app player. So download and install BlueStacks Emulator on your Mac.

Step 2: You have to wait until the BlueStacks extraction to be completed.

Step 3: Once after that, the BlueStacks app player will open up with a pop-up as ‘Welcome to BlueStacks.’ Click the > symbol shown on the BlueStacks screen to proceed further.

Tez for Mac PC
Google Pay for Mac PC

Step 4: On the next screen, you have to log into your Google account. So Sign in to your account which lets you use the Google PlayStore from the BlueStacks emulator.

Tez for Mac PC
Google Pay/ Tez for Mac PC

Step 5: After the completion of the Gmail account sign up, you will find the Google Play Store downloaded and installed on the BlueStacks by default. Go to My Apps section > System app > Google Play.

Tez for Windows PC
Google Pay/ Tez for Windows PC

Step 6: Now you have to tap on the Play Store icon. Type Google Pay app on the search bar and press enter.

Tez for Windows PC
Google Pay for Windows PC

Step 7: The search result will show a list of Android apps along with the Google Pay app. You can click on the app’s icon to download the Google Pay app for the Mac PC using the BlueStacks.

Tez for Windows PC
Google Pay for Windows PC

Step 8: Now you’ll be redirected to the Google Play Store directly. You may click on the Install button and start downloading the Google Pay app. A pop-up appears asking for certain permissions to be accessed. Just click on the Accept button to let Google Pay access those details.

Tez for Windows PC
Google Tez/ Pay for Windows PC

Step 9: Once the Google Pay app gets downloaded, you can click on the Open button to start accessing the Google Pay app.

Google Pay [Tez] is also available for

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