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Tez Apk for Android | Tez Apk Download: In the world of the technological era, there were lots of improvement taken place, and it includes the Android application development too. With growing demands, lots of Android apps are being developed, and one among them is the digital payments app. Possessing cash in hand has become outdated. Having a digital payments app on your smartphone is the new trend. Google has come up with a new payments app named Tez App. It is has been targeted at the users of India to make them go cashless. Tez apk for Android is a super fast secure payments app. It is now easy to instantly receive payments with the Tez Digital Payment App. Google Tez apk for Android Version let you send money from your bank thus ensuring your money is safe with you. Get into the article to know more about Tez Payment App and download Tez for Android.

Tez Apk for Android
Tez Apk for Android

Tez Apk is specially made for India app which doesn’t require any of your personal information to send or receive payments. Among the strong competitive digital payments space in India, Google has launched this new digital payments app. Digital payments have made every other cash needs easy. The app operates atop with Unified Payments Interface (UPI). With Tez Digital Payment App it is, even more, easier to pay all your bills. Unlike other cash wallet apps, Google Tez lets you pay directly from your bank account. Tez is not a digital wallet which needs the cash to pay your bills. The tech-giant’s payment app works entirely with your bank. No more intermitted process while paying for your expenditures or sending cash to your friends. Tez App pays all your small to big bills in no time.

Google Tez – An All-New Digital Payment App

Tez is an all-new digital payments application launched by Google. It is a customized for-India-app targeted at the users of the country to make them use digital payments. Google has planned to release the app in other emerging countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand. Tez apk for Android is designed to operate with the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), developed by the National Payments Corporation of India. The digital payment app works on the leading mobile platforms like Android, iOS and the pc versions. Currently, the Android app supports languages including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, and more to be coming soon. Tez uses UPI and works with the major banks of the country including Axis, HDFC Bank, ICICI and State Bank of India. All you need is to download the Tez for Android OS right from the Google Play Store.

Tez Apk for Android
Tez apk for Android

Tez doesn’t require you to open a separate account rather it pays directly from your bank account. Thus your money is safe in your bank, and of course, you will continue to earn the interest amount. Google’s digital payments app makes faster and more secure transactions to pay wherever UPI is accepted. Tez Shield and Cash Mode make it different from other UPI apps. With the Tez Shield, each transaction of yours is secured with your UPI PIN. Furthermore, the app is secured with a Google PIN or your screen lock method like a fingerprint. Tez Shield operates 24/7 as to help in detecting fraud, prevent hacking, and verify your identity. With the Cash Mode, a Tez user can instantly send money to another Tez user nearby without needing to share any private details including your bank account or phone number.

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Google Tez Apk for Android – An Overview

Tez is an all-new secure digital payments app designed for India first by Google. It is the first UPI-enabled payments app by the internet giant. The word Tez gives the meaning ‘fast’ in Hindi. The app is supported by the vast variety of India’s smartphones including Android OS, which is the most widely used mobile platform. With Tez apk for Android, the user can transfer cash directly from their bank account. To use the app, you need to have a bank account and mobile phone number which are the primary requirement. Tez app is designed to work in a way such that the user can transfer money from bank to bank. i.e., With Tez, you are linking your Tez account over UPI. It works with your existing bank account. With the multi-layered security, Tez apk for Android ensures your money is safe and secure. It is easy and quick to pay for your family and friends with a few taps on your Android device. The Cash Mode make you send money quickly to the person nearby without sharing any of your personal details.

Make easy payments using the Google Tez apk for Android as it needs just a tap to select the recipient. Within the app, you can find other Tez users from your phonebook for a faster process. Apart from Tez users, you can also add new recipients using their bank account numbers and IFSC codes. You can even transfer money, or send money via a UPI ID, QR code, or through the phone number. The difference between Tez when compared with other mobile wallets app is that the latter need regular top-ups. i.e., You have to transfer money into the wallet apps from the bank account. Whereas with the Tez apk for Android, there’s no such thing needed. With the Tez app installed on your Android mobile, it is easy to pay money irrespective of a transaction being small or big. So money made simple as you can transfer money to family, friends, and businesses supporting the platform.

What Makes Tez Different From Other Digital Payments App?

Unlike other mobile wallet apps, Tez digital payments app doesn’t require any of your personal information when transferring money to another Tez user. You need not share your mobile numbers or usernames. Rather, Tez uses the Cash Mode option in which the Audio QR codes inaudible to the human ear are used in transacting. It relies on the sound transmitted at a frequency from the payee handset to the merchant handset. It can be only be read by another smartphone having the Google Tez Apk. As most smartphones in India do not have NFC chips embedded, this technology is an additional advantage. As soon as the Tez app detects a compatible device in range, the transaction channel gets opens. Now you can enter the amount to send or receive the payment. Such transactions are completely encrypted and which cannot be intercepted in the middle. One another advantage of the Tez app is that each transaction is secured with the UPI PIN. Added the app is secured with a Google PIN or fingerprint.

Tez Apk for Android
Tez Apk for Android

Google Tez Apk for Android Download

To get the latest version of Tez apk for your Android mobile, click on the link to download Google Tez Apk for Android

Features of Tez Apk for Android

Designed for India First By Google: Tez by Google is the first digital payments app made for India. To use Tez on your Android phone, you must have an account, you must be in India, must have an Indian bank account and an Indian mobile number.

Money in Your Bank: Tez pay money directly from your bank support by UPI. It even works with your existing bank account. Need not open a separate account to transfer cash. You will continue to earn the interest.

Digital Payment App: Unlike other payments app, Tez Apk for Android doesn’t require you to reload the wallet or top-up your account. Tez digital payment app links your Tez account directly with your bank account.

Pay for Anyone Anywhere Anytime: The users of Tez for Android OS can pay or receive money from anywhere to anyone. Select your contacts list or enter their UPI ID to the other Tez app user or other UPI supported app to pay and receive money.

Secured Transaction: Your bank, UPI, and Google provide multiple layers of security. With Tez Payment App, each of your transaction is highly secured thus ensuring you with safe digital payments.

Prevent Unauthorized Access: You can set your Google PIN or screen lock to keep your account safe from any unauthorised users and also prevent accidental transactions.

Tez Shield: As a Tez user, you are safe with each transaction. Tez Shield works 24/7 to help in detecting fraud, prevents hacking, and verify your identity. Access Tez app with the UPI PIN and the app is also secured with a Google PIN or your screen lock method like the fingerprint.

Cash Mode: Transfer money instantly to another Tez user who is nearby. You need not share any of your private details including your bank account or phone number. With added security, money made simple.

Pay Online with Tez: The digital payment app, Tez provides accessibility to pay on the apps and websites faster and more secure way. All it needs is the UPI supported banks. When you check out, you can pay your bills by looking for the Tez logo or use your Tez UPI ID.

Get Rewards: You can avail the Tez Scratch Cards (TM) in the Tez app to become eligible to win up to ₹1,000 with each eligible transaction. It even includes your weekly transactions too. You can enrol in Tez’s Lucky Sundays contest and get the possibility to win ₹1 lakh every week.

Online or Offline Transaction: Tez app lets its user make payments up to ₹1,00,000 in one day. They can make 20 transactions in one day for making payments and much more. With Tez Apk, payments at online platforms, offline stores, and person-to-person money transfers can be done.

Supported Banks: Tez app uses UPI (Unified Payments Interface) and works with all major Indian banks. The app also supports a vast majority of smartphones support. It is easy for you to pay or get paid by almost anyone. The payments app supports more than 50 banks including its partner banks such as Axis, ICICI, HDFC Bank, and State Bank of India.

Language Support: Being an India only app, Google Tez offers several Indian language support such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, and Marathi.

Upcoming Features

  • Tez is currently working to provide you with an option to pay through debit and credit cards.
  • With the Tez apk, sooner you will be able to pay and set reminders for recurring bills like DTH.

How To Use Tez Apk On Your Android Device – A Complete Guide

Google Tez is a digital payment app that is available in the Play Store. You can click on the download link given above to get the Tez app directly on your Android OS. To use the app, you can follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Download the Tez apk on your Android device and wait for its installation to get completed.

Step 2: After the installation, you can open the Tez app by clicking on the app icon.

Step 3: Tez app shows you a welcome screen and the first step to start using the app is by selecting the language. You can select your preferred language from the available list. For example, you can choose Hindi, or English, or Tamil.

Step 4: Now you have to provide your mobile number in the Tez app. Now Tez pop-ups a message asking your permission to access the contacts, SMS, and device location. Choose on Allow option.

Step 5: On the next screen, you will need to provide your Google account to be associated with the Tez app. If you have already signed in, then the account will automatically get selected.

Step 6: Tap to Continue after selecting an account. Now Google will now send you a One Time Password (OTP) to verify your account.

Step 7: Once after your phone number is verified, the next screen will prompt you to choose screen lock or Google Pin. You can lock your Tez app with the existing screen lock like your fingerprint or can go with creating a new Google Pin. Click on Continue button.

Step 8: You will now be redirected to Tez’s home screen. To start the transaction, you have to link your bank details with the Tez app. You have to select threAdd Bank Account option from the top-left.

Step 9: From the next screen, you can choose the bank which you are going to use the Tez app.

Step 10: Now the Google Tez will create a UPI PIN for the bank account. It is mandatory to be used every time you make a payment. If you are already using any other UPI app for the same bank account, then you would have already received the UPI PIN.

Step 11: Click on the Proceed button to create a UPI PIN for this bank account. You have to provide your debit card information to create a UPI PIN.

Step 12: Now the next screen shows you that your account is added. Now you can start paying or receiving the money via Tez app.

You are successfully done with the initial setup to use the Tez app and added your bank details to pay or receive money.

Google Tez is also available for

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Tez for Android
Tez Apk for Android
Tez for Android
Tez Apk for Android
Tez for Android
Tez Apk for Android
Tez for Android
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Tez for Android
Tez for Android
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Tez for Android
Tez for Android
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Tez for Android
Tez for Android

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